Our Brand BeOutside

BeOutside was born from a passion for working with wood and metal, and with exceptional design and comfort.

We believe that your home and garden should tell your story – with materials, colours and arrangements that are in harmony with your individual personality.

Life is too short to spend it in boring interiors.

We create, we design, we produce.

Love your home and garden

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The product that you receive is made with passion, care, and attention to detail based on the highest quality standards.

The products we make are special. The uniqueness of each product is defined by its structure and colour.
Every piece of wood is characterised by location, texture, and climate.
It is a unique natural product, which, in combination with steel, creates a beautiful effect that makes us feel good and closer to nature.

BeOutside is your best choice

We are professionals. In addition to the eye-catching, unique design, you can be sure that we will meet your expectations in every field.

A wide range of

A variety of designs and variants.

Attractive prices

Designer and modern furniture for every budget.

Fast order fulfillment

Organized logistics so that you can enjoy our products as soon as possible.


Stay up to date and join the real design lovers

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